Kekao Dark Chocolate Subscription Box Review

Kekao Chocolate Purveyors offers a dark chocolate subscription box featuring three different bars for $29.99 a month. The bars are often a mix of bean-to-bar and some non-bean-to-bar, but excellent quality (often organic) chocolate. They are offering a discount code for my readers for $5 off the first box when  subscribing. Discount code: DARKMATTERS5

Per Kekao website’s “About Us” section, the founder and CEO, Dino Hodzic, missed out on a hiking trip to Machu Picchu due to a fractured knee. When Dino’s friends came back from Peru they brought back gifts including chocolate bars. This lead to Dino researching dark chocolate and it’s health benefits and thus was born. 

I was given this particular box from Kekao. I had no idea in advance which bars would be included in it.  I’ve included my own nose/taste notes for each bar in this post. 

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Marou Provisions Cacao Powder Review and Thoughts on Baking with Craft Cacao Powder

Marou, a bean-to-bar maker in Vietnam, recently launched their Provisions Marou line which includes cacao powder, nibs and cacao spread.  This post focuses on the cacao powder, that is 100% cacao as well as flavor and thoughts on how single-origin cacao powders might effect baking/recipes.

Provisions Marou Cacao Powder

First, let us start by considering the taste of this particular cacao powder in dry form, mixed with water and then mixed with 2% milk.  Continue reading “Marou Provisions Cacao Powder Review and Thoughts on Baking with Craft Cacao Powder”

Dark Matters Chocolate Reviews Craft Chocolate Awards 2018

Another year full of even more chocolate has come and gone bringing us to the 3rd annual Dark Matters Craft Chocolate awards for 2018.

The same rule from the past applies to these awards: Only bars I have purchased are eligible for awards.  As usual, some of these bars might still exist in a makers collection and some may have been limited edition only.  (Keep in mind that each year/harvest is different and as chocolate makers tweak recipes, bar tasting notes are subject to change).  Full tasting notes for each bar may be found on this blog, or on my Instagram account

And now the winners are…

Best Coffee Chocolate Bar:

I tried several bars with coffee in them this year.  What made the top 3 stand out the most, besides the overall great flavors, was that while often coffee can end up a bit stale-tasting in bars, these 3 managed to convey the feeling of having a fresh cup of coffee. 

3rd place goes to Hogarth’s Espresso Bar with Dominican Oko Caribe cacao & Pomeroy’s Coffee. This bar has tastes that included lemon, grape, lavender, mocha and bright coffee. 

Hogarth’s Espresso Bar (The packaging has changed since I took this photo)

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NW Chocolate Festival Seattle, WA Chocolate Trends 2018

This past weekend marked the 10th year of the NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA and my fourth time to attend.  Some years the chocolate trends jump out at you, however, this year I found them to be a bit more subtle.  Keep in mind, these trends are related to the show specifically.

Trend #1:  The show itself has become more international than ever with more makers joining every year such as Mirzam and Fu Wan, both of which were selling out fast!

Mirzam Chocolate NW Chocolate Festival 2018

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Firefly Chocolate Bay Nut Bar & Marou’s Cashew Nut Praline Dark Chocolate Bar Reviews

Note:  This post was first published in my original Blogspot site on 1-13-17.

This week I’m bringing you 2 chocolate reviews for the price of 1 (which is basically free, as usual). I purchased both the Firefly & Marou bars at the NW Chocolate Festival last Nov.  Hard to believe that was last year already!!

First up is Firefly Chocolate Bay Nut Bar made with cocoa beans from Belize. Bay nuts are indigenous to California, and Firefly harvests wild ones for this bar.  These bars are made in California as well. Continue reading “Firefly Chocolate Bay Nut Bar & Marou’s Cashew Nut Praline Dark Chocolate Bar Reviews”