Interview with Isobel Carse of Dormouse Chocolates

This week I’m jumping across the pond once more so to speak, to interview Isobel Carse of Dormouse Chocolates; the first bean-to-bar maker in Manchester, England.  Dormouse makes micro-batches of craft chocolate that skip the machines for a rarely done hand-tempering of the chocolate on marble.

Dormouse was the very first monthly chocolate subscription I ever signed up for, and did I mention they just picked up three more Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2017-including a gold for their Guatemala 51.5% milk chocolate bar? Congrats!

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Dormouse Chocolates 55% Columbia Arauca Milk Chocolate Bar Review

Dormouse chocolates is a bean to bar chocolate maker located in Manchester in the U.K.  I recently ordered this bar from their online store.  It’s listed as made from a mix of criollo, and trinitario beans, batch 076, and with a conch time of 48 hours.  (The higher the quality the beans, the less conching time is needed, and it let’s the real flavors shine through too).

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Beau Cacao 73% 2014 Asajaya Malaysia Dark Chocolate Bar Review


Beau Cacao is a handcrafted chocolate maker in London, England that has recently launched their bars.  Founded by both Bo San Cheung, and Thomas Delcour, Beau Cacao makes bean to bars from Malaysian cacao beans.  Their focus is on making fine chocolate bars with a direct link from growers to consumers, working with small-scale growers, and maintaining transparency of the product.

I ordered this 2014 harvest 73% Asajaya Malaysia dark chocolate bar (200 of 4,500 bars) from the Beau Cacao website ( Continue reading “Beau Cacao 73% 2014 Asajaya Malaysia Dark Chocolate Bar Review”