Interview with The Chocolate Journalist, Sharon Terenzi with Victoria Cooksey

Note:  This interview was originally published on 8-7-16 on my Dark Matters Fine Chocolate Reviews blogspot site.

The chocolate Journalist, Sharon Terenzi

I’m extremely pleased to bring you this interview with The Chocolate Journalist, Sharon Terenzi. Sharon is a chocolate blogger, a member of the FCIA  (Fine Chocolate Industry Association), and does a fantastic job at promoting fine chocolate in all it’s luscious forms.

Victoria Cooksey:  What does chocolate mean to you, both as a food, and as it is presented in the world?

The Chocolate Journalist:  To me chocolate means humanity. It is the end product of a long line involving people in different countries, from different backgrounds, with different expertise, coming together to realize one of the most enjoyable foods in the World. A chocolate bar is the sum of races, places, faces. Every time I try a chocolate bar, I like to visualize the care of the cacao farmers, the challenges of the middlemen and the determination of the chocolate makers. Chocolate is a highly “human” product and to me that is the most fascinating aspect of all. Continue reading “Interview with The Chocolate Journalist, Sharon Terenzi with Victoria Cooksey”

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