Dormouse Chocolates Dark Honduras Dark Chocolate & Toasted Madagascar White Chocolate Reviews

Dormouse Chocolates is a craft chocolate maker located in Manchester, England.  They also happen to be one of my favorite bean-to-bar chocolate makers.  A big congrats to Dormouse for their recent UK Rising Star Award from the Academy of Chocolate Awards!  Well done ladies!!!

1st up today is their Limited Edition 75% Dark Honduras bar.  This bar was in one of Dormouse’s monthly chocolate bar subscription boxes. The origin of the beans is Copan Highlands, Honduras, and the bean type is Mayan Red. Conch time 48 hours.

Limited Edition 75% Dark Honduras Dormouse Chocolates Pic taken in Port Townsend, WA

Color:  This bar is a medium/dark brown that also has a reddish/purple color in certain lights.

Nose:  Black currant, jammy, new world red wine, coffee.

Texture:  Good snap and very smooth.

Dormouse Chocolates 75% Dark Honduras Limited Edition Bar

Taste: Buttery to start, some tannins, dried cherries, Cabernet Franc grape taste and acidity, red fruit. and dark honey.

Finish:  A very long finish around 25 – 30 minutes.

Dormouse Chocolates happens to be making a fantastic white chocolate bar called Toasted Madagascar White 38%.  This bar keeps selling out so be sure to check their website often, or send them an email to see when it will be back in stock.  The cocoa butter in this bar comes from criollo and trinitario beans from Madagascar Sambirano Valley and has a 28 hour conch time.  The milk powder in this bar is toasted which makes this an extra tasty white chocolate bar.

Color:  Toffee, golden color like caramel.

Nose:  Caramel, condensed milk, nutty.

Dormouse Chocolates 38% Toasted Madagascar White (full size bar) 

Texture:  Very smooth.

Toasted Madagascar White (mini bar size)

Taste:  Buttery, caramel, roasted macadamia nut, cream and light brown sugar.

Finish:  A medium/long finish with some fruity notes.

Dormouse Chocolates:

Victoria Cooksey:

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Note: Dormouse added a mini bar of the Toasted Madagascar White bar to one of my orders I had placed with them and I loved it so much I immediately ordered a full size one.

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When it comes to white chocolate things have definitely changed!  I’m talking single-origin, and first pressed cacao butter, not adding vanilla, and so on.

WKND Chocolate’s Turmeric of a Goat Thing is an inclusion bar with turmeric, etc, added.  However, when I mention what I “taste” in the other bars that is the expression of the cocoa butter, milk, sugar coming through, and not added ingredients.

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Thanks for watching!

Victoria Cooksey