Port and Chocolate Pairings with Victoria Cooksey

Around Valentine’s Day I often see the recommendation to have port with chocolate, but the question is: which specific chocolate with which specific port?  These two delights can dance together in lovely harmony, or quite frankly, the wrong two together can taste like crap.  Not the way to spend a romantic evening (or any evening)!

From an economical stand point a bottle of port goes a long way and as long as you keep the bottle closed, port will last a very long time (approx. six months) unlike a bottle of regular wine. Although with port there is a wide range of cost depending on what you are buying and if it is a vintage bottle.  Where I live, the Victoria Tawny Port is around $15 and the other ports I keep on hand go up from there.

Various Ports I Often Keep on Hand at Home

First, let’s go over a little information about the different styles of port followed by some port and chocolate pairing tasting notes with specific pairing recommendations. Continue reading “Port and Chocolate Pairings with Victoria Cooksey”

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