Interview with Kara Hayes of Chocolate Pursuit

What does rap, chocolate tours, dancing, running a business, teaching chocolate classes, and the Portland Chocoholics Meetup all have in common? Kara Hayes founder of Chocolate Pursuit, which offers craft chocolate tastings in tours in and around Portland.  Grab some craft chocolate, put your feet up and read on to, as Kara would say, “melt into the experience”.  

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White Chocolate Bar Reviews on Åkesson’s, Askinosie, WKND Chocolate, and Original Beans

When it comes to white chocolate things have definitely changed!  I’m talking single-origin, and first pressed cacao butter, not adding vanilla, and so on.

WKND Chocolate’s Turmeric of a Goat Thing is an inclusion bar with turmeric, etc, added.  However, when I mention what I “taste” in the other bars that is the expression of the cocoa butter, milk, sugar coming through, and not added ingredients.

Re-think what you know about white chocolate and check out my video.

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Victoria Cooksey