Dark Matters Craft Chocolate Awards 2017

I can’t believe another amazing craft chocolate tasting year has past!  That means it’s time for the 2nd annual Dark Matters Craft Chocolate Awards.

I have only included bars I have purchased myself.  I’m also only including bars that I tried in 2017, so some of these bars might be new creations and some may be part of a maker’s permanent collection.

Full reviews of the winning bars are available on this blog or on my IG account.

And the winners are……drum roll….. Continue reading “Dark Matters Craft Chocolate Awards 2017”

Dark Matters Blog Chocolate Awards 2016

Note:  This post was originally posted on 12-30-16 when this blog was on Blogspot.

I think I might be in shock if I actually added up all the different chocolates I’ve tasted this year. (I have 3 large bags of wrappers waiting to be put into a scrapbook!).

So many of the chocolate bars I’ve tried have been rather amazing, so I thought I’d end 2016 by handing out some awards!  My very top favorite chocolate will be listed at the end of this post. (Tasting descriptions for most of these bars may be located in other posts from this blog). Not all of these bars are new to this year, however, this year is the first time I’ve personally tried them.

Best white chocolate bar award goes to Chocolat Madagascar 34% white chocolate bar. A wonderful combo of high quality cocoa butter, and vanilla bean! Continue reading “Dark Matters Blog Chocolate Awards 2016”