Dandelion Chocolate Maya Mountain Belize 70% and 85% USA Bars and 70% Japan Bar

At the 2017 Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA I enjoyed an experiment of sampling Dandelion Chocolate bars made from the same beans in both the USA and Japan. Each bar really did taste different! At the same show in 2018 I purchased 70% and 85% bars made in the USA and a 70% bar made in Japan. Each bar is made bean-to-bar with beans from Maya Mountain, Belize. Will there be a difference in taste this time? Let’s find out!

Dandelion Chocolate Maya Mountain, Belize Bars

First up is Dandelion’s Maya Mountain, Belize 70% bar made in the USA. This bar is from the 2016 harvest.

70% Maya Mountain, Belize Made in the USA

Nose: Raisin, red fruit, light brown sugar, floral, and honey.

Texture: Light/medium-bodied with a somewhat juicy mouthfeel and medium tannins.

Taste: Cherry, floral, coffee, oak, brown sugar and pomegranate. 

Finish: A medium 5+ minute finish. 

Next up is Dandelion’s Maya Mountain, Belize 70% bar that is made in Japan. This bar is from the 2017 harvest. 

Dandelion Chocolate 70% Maya Mountain, Belize Bar Made in Japan

Nose: Red fruit, mild floral and a bit more sweet smelling than the USA bar.

Texture: Medium-bodied to start and then juicy with medium/high tannins at the end.

Taste: Dark fruit, dark cherry, vanilla, light brown sugar and overall less acidity than the USA bar. 

Finish: Shorter finish of around 5 minutes. 

Lastly, Dandelion’s 85% Maya Mountain, Belize bar made in the USA. This bar is from the 2016 harvest. 

Dandelion Chocolate 85% Maya Mountain, Belize USA Bar

Nose: Cocoa, earthy, floral and light honey.

Texture: Light/medium bodied texture with mild juiciness when chewed and medium tannins. 

Taste: Cherry, cocoa, oak, brownie, black tea, biscuit and floral. 

Finish: Medium length finish of 5+ minutes. 

Have you tried Dandelion’s bars made in the USA and Japan side by side? How about bars of the same beans, but from from different harvests? 

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