T.cacao Cacao Powder by To’ak Review

To’ak, a luxury chocolate maker in Ecuador,  recently sent me their 100% organic cacao powder to sample from their new line of products under the brand name T.cacao.

T.cacao Cacao Powder by To’ak

This 100% organic cacao powder is made from single-origin heirloom Nacional cacao grown in Ecuador from the specific appellation of Piedra de Plata. 

Upon opening the packaging the cacao powder smells of red fruit, butter and plain full-fat yogurt. Now to contemplate the nose and flavor notes by mixing this cacao powder with water only and then with 2% milk.  For tasting I whisked 1 tablespoon of the cacao powder with 1/3 cup of the hot liquid each time. 

T.cacao with water only:

Nose: Earthy, spice, mild red fruit, buttery and oak.

Tastes: Earthy, oak, subtle red fruit acidity, mineralty, mild/medium tannins with a finish of dark brownie batter. 

T.cacao 100% Cacao Powder by To’ak

T.cacao mixed with 2% milk:

Nose: Brownie, cocoa, cream and nutty.

Taste: Oak, minerality, buttery, cocoa, soft tannins with a more full-bodied mouth feel due to the addition of the milk. 

I found this drink to be very pleasant both ways with no need to add any sugar.  I think coffee drinkers may prefer to have this cacao powder with water only and those who prefer mochas, hot cocoa, or lattes would enjoy the addition of dairy (or nut milk). 

Since I have personally tried single-origin cacao powders/cocoa powders and drinking chocolates from several makers to give me plenty of items to compare this cacao to, I must say this T.cacao cacao powder is very high quality and one of the best I’ve tried.

What’s your favorite single-origin cacao powder/cocoa powder? 







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