Kekao Dark Chocolate Subscription Box Review

Kekao Chocolate Purveyors offers a dark chocolate subscription box featuring three different bars for $29.99 a month. The bars are often a mix of bean-to-bar and some non-bean-to-bar, but excellent quality (often organic) chocolate. They are offering a discount code for my readers for $5 off the first box when  subscribing. Discount code: DARKMATTERS5

Per Kekao website’s “About Us” section, the founder and CEO, Dino Hodzic, missed out on a hiking trip to Machu Picchu due to a fractured knee. When Dino’s friends came back from Peru they brought back gifts including chocolate bars. This lead to Dino researching dark chocolate and it’s health benefits and thus was born. 

I was given this particular box from Kekao. I had no idea in advance which bars would be included in it.  I’ve included my own nose/taste notes for each bar in this post. 

Kekao Chocolate Purveyors Monthly Chocolate Subscription Box 

Kekao Monthly Dark Chocolate Subscription Box

Marou Dak Lak Vietnam 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

This box included a Marou Dak Lak Vietnam 70% bar. It had been awhile since I’ve had this particular Marou bar, so it was fun to re-visit it. Marou is pretty much always a winner when it comes to bean-to-bar chocolate  (Marou is located in Vietnam). 

Note: Each harvest of cacao (from any country) has the tendency for different tasting notes depending on weather, proper fermentation, drying, storage and transportation of the beans.  Flavors also may change due to chocolate makers continuing to tweak the technique, style, roasting time/temperature, conching time and over all recipe for a chocolate bar. 

Nose: Spices, dark fruits and brine.

Tastes: Dark fruit, spice, dark brown sugar, cocoa and minerality. 

Escazu Chocolates Wild Harvest Piaroa, Venezuela 73% Cacao Batch 310418

I had actually recommended this maker to a chocolate pal recently and was reminiscing on when I had Escazu bars in the past.  It had been awhile and I was wanting to try some again.  Imagine my surprise when I opened this box and there was an Escazu bar inside! Escazu is located in Raleigh, NC. 

Let’s see how this one tastes!

Nose: Faint cinnamon roll followed by cola.

Tastes: Subtle cinnamon buttered pastry, nutty, dark fruit and then a finish of cherry cola. 

CXBO Chocolates 64% Dark Chocolate with Candy Cane and Cocoa Nibs

This is my first time to try this maker. The nibs and candy cane pieces are both easy to chew. The nibs and dark chocolate balance the sweetness of the candy cane well (CXBO Chocolates is located in Toronto, Ontario). 

Nose: Candy cane and also subtle spearmint.

Taste: Mint meltaway, cocoa and candy cane. 

Be sure to use the discount code DARKMATTERS5 for $5 off your first subscription box. 

Thank you for thinking of me and sending me this box Kekao!

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  1. Hi Victoria. I have been following you for some time. I have learned a new appreciation for cacao and chocolate in general through your articles and videos. I love dark chocolate! I am not a sugar fan, so I stick with dark only. After reading this article about Kekao, and seeing the opportunity to sign up for a dark chocolate monthly subscription, I could not pass it up! I even received $5 off my first order with a coupon from you, Dark Chocolate Matters. Thanks so much!

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