Chocolate Naive Nano Lot Drinking Chocolate Review Cacao Review Collection 2

Cacao Review has outdone themselves this year with Collection No. 2, a very limited (only 200 made of each item, ever) chocolate set featuring Chocolate Naive, Marou, Omnom,  Ritual and even a bar by Cacao Review. While a few of the chocolate bars are available for individual purchases (50 individual and 150 box sets) the only way to try Chocolate Naive’s Nano_Lot drinking chocolate is by going for the whole collection (ahem…holiday gift perfection, just saying). 

Chocolate Naive Nano_Lot Drinking Chocolate Limited Edition Cacao Review Collection No. 2

This particular drinking chocolate is Rugoso Special made from the last 40 kg of this Nicaraguan  cacao lot that was supervised by Zoi Papalexandratou Ph.D in 2015.

Chocolate Naive Nano_Lot Drinking Chocolate

The Nano_Lot drinking chocolate is flaked which allows it to both melt quickly when eating as is, and melt evenly and easily when added to hot liquid. It’s a very pleasurable texture and I kind of wish all the drinking chocolate I purchase was this consistency. 

In this post I am going to list my Nose/Taste notes for the chocolate as it is right from the jar, when it is heated with water only, and finally when some 2% milk is added to show how flavors change depending how drinking chocolate is consumed. I’m glad this drinking chocolate had multiple servings because it takes more than one to even begin to discover it’s secrets. 

1st up right of the jar:

Nose: Buttery, quality full-fat yogurt & red wine.

Taste: Oak, vanilla (none added), beer  and apricot acidity.

2nd heated with water only:

Nose: Oak, apricot, buttery and yogurt. 

Tastes: Floral, apricot, beer, oak, vanilla with medium/high tannins.

Nano_Lot Drinking Chocolate

3rd heated with 2% milk:

Nose: Floral notes increase.

Tastes: Malted milk, chocolate syrup and agave notes appear.  The acidity lessens and the oak like tannins significantly decrease while sweetness is greatly amplified.

Depending on how you prepare drinking chocolate the taste really does change.  

What’s you favorite drinking chocolate and/or way to prepare it? 

Opening Cacao Review’s Box Collection No. 2

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