Posh Chocolat Review

In 2005 Ana and Jason Willenbrock opened Posh Chocolat in Missoula, Montana. Per their website their chocolates are made from “single-origin chocolate from the South American region”. Ana is originally from Brazil and Jason is from St. Louis , Missouri.  They met while attending The Culinary Institute of American in New York. Both have culinary experience working in Europe and in the USA prior to opening Posh Chocolat. 

Ana recently sent me some of their chocolates, caramels and chocolate bars to sample. 

Posh Chocolat made in Missoula, Montana & pictured here on Marrowstone Island, WA

I received both the Flathead Cherry Balsamic caramels and the Sea Salt Vanilla caramels. The cherry comes through nicely in the Flathead Cherry Balsamic caramels and is topped with Bolivian pink sea salt.  The Sea Salt Vanilla caramels come in both milk and dark chocolate with white and black flaked Cyprus sea salt. All the caramels are a medium-thick caramel consistency that was fairly easy to chew. 

Posh Chocolat Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels with White & Black Flaked Cyprus Sea Salt

Next, I tried four of Posh Chocolat’s bars including Milk Chocolate Chai, Milk Chocolate Flathead Cherries & Anise, Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs and Dark Chocolate Crushed Brazilian Coffee Beans.  

Posh Chocolat Chocolate Bars

The Milk Chocolate Chai bar features smoked almonds which adds a uniqueness and texture to this flavor combination. 

The Dark Chocolate with Coco Nibs has a semi-sweet chocolate note to it, plus the crunch of the nibs. This bar is made with Ecuadorian dark chocolate. 

The Dark Chocolate with Brazilian Coffee has a rich espresso-like taste. This bar is made with Brazilian coffee and Ecuadorian dark chocolate. 

The Milk Chocolate with Flathead Cherries & Anise was my favorite of the four bars with the anise adding a savory sophisticated flavor to balance the sweetness of the chocolate and cherries. 

Next up a box of chocolates!

Just a few of the Posh Chocolat Flavor Combinations


Posh Chocolat’s Chocolates

I found their hand-crafted chocolates to consistently have a thin, even coating of chocolate with the filling coming to the top (no gaps) when cut in half, and very smooth ganache fillings. 

Thank you for letting me sample some of your items Posh Chocolat!

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