NW Chocolate Festival Seattle, WA Chocolate Trends 2018

This past weekend marked the 10th year of the NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA and my fourth time to attend.  Some years the chocolate trends jump out at you, however, this year I found them to be a bit more subtle.  Keep in mind, these trends are related to the show specifically.

Trend #1:  The show itself has become more international than ever with more makers joining every year such as Mirzam and Fu Wan, both of which were selling out fast!

Mirzam Chocolate NW Chocolate Festival 2018

Fu Wan Chocolate at the NW Chocolate Festival 2018

Trend #2: Bar with roses such as Mirzam’s dark chocolate with rose, a bar with rose and pistachios and Villakuyaya 100% Tulsi Rose Petals Special Edition bar. 

Mirzam Chocolate 62% Dark Chocolate with Rose 

Trend #3: 100% bars with inclusions.  While 100% bars continue to be on the rise, makers are starting to add inclusions. Villakuyaya Tulsi Rose Petals special edition bar embodies two trends at once by the adding roses as an ingredient to a 100%.  This bar was super popular, as when I purchased this one they only had 2 bars left! 

Villakuyaya Tulsi Rose Petals 100% Special Edition Bar

Villakuyaya at NW Chocolate Festival 2018 

Trend #4: Bars with coconut milk are making more appearances. 

Trend #5: Unusual inclusions in white chocolate bars are showing up.

Pink Shrimp in White Chocolate with Almonds by Fu Wan (This bar completely sold out by the way!)

White Chocolate Infused with Saffron by Mirzam Chocolate

Trend #6: Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts like pistachios are showing up more.  I was also happy to see (and buy) the new Provisions Marou Cacao Spread using cashews.  Now, I adore hazelnut chocolate spreads, but I am excited to see different nuts used too. 


Provisions Marou Cacao Spread with Cashews

Marou’s Booth at NW Chocolate Festival 2018

Tanzania Black Sesame by Cacao Escalier/Sweets Escalier

Black Sesame Seed Toffee Brittle (A collaboration between NeoCocoa & Dandelion Chocolate)

Trend #7: A growing chocolate community with connections that are bigger than ever!  

From catching up with chocolate pals and makers such as:

Patrica of My Year in Chocolate, (yours truly in the middle), & Charla of Good Chocolate

Jess of Dessert Geek

Domantas of Chocolate Naive

To meeting makers you feel like you already know from either online interaction and/or enjoying their yummy chocolate:

Karen and Isobel of Dormouse Chocolate at NW Chocolate Festival 2018

The Pernia Family of Dino’s Chocolate from Venezuela 

Karl of Hogarth Chocolate

Luisa Abram of Luisa Abram Chocolates

And of course the entire group at the Bean to Bar Brasil Booth:

Bean to Bar Brasil at the NW Chocolate Festival 2018

Across the 2 days of tasting chocolate, meeting people and attending talk,s I still didn’t make it every booth I wanted!  And now to begin the countdown to NW Chocolate Festival 2019. Is it here yet???

NW Chocolate Festival:


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