Michel Cluizel ChocoVoice Winterland Chocolate Display Review

Introducing Michel Cluizel’s ChocoVoice(R) Winterland Chocolate Box with a jingle and personal messaging. This item will be available to purchase on Michel Cluizel’s website starting November 1, 2018. 

Michel Cluizel’s ChocoVoice(R) Chocolate Box

This post features pictures of the Winterland version with a holiday jingle, however, there is also a 24 piece bonbon version with jingle options such as birthdays, Valentine’s day, and more. 

Michel Cluizel Winterland ChocoVoice(R)

Inside of the ChocoVoice(R) Winterland 

When you take the lid of the box you will hear the jingle and personalized message.  To have a voice message included place your order, record your message on your phone and then send it to the email provided online.  The rest is taken care of by Michel Cluizel.

Michel Cluizel’s ChocoVoice(R) Winterland Display

Bonbons, a large white chocolate bar and milk, as well as dark and white chocolate figurines are included.  The white chocolate bar has slots in it so you can stand up and arrange the trees and figures any way you want to create your own holiday display. 

And did I mention the yummy smell of chocolate that occurs from the moment you open this package? 

Thank you so much Michel Cluizel for sending me your new chocolate item to try in advance! A real treat!

Want to see more and hear the jingle? Then check out my Michel Cluizel ChocoVoice(R) review video:

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