Askinosie’s New Avocado Rosemary & Peppermint Chocolate Bars Reviews

Askinosie, one of my favorite bean-to-bar chocolate makers, has recently released two new chocolate bars to their already impressive lineup.  While I have purchased several of their items on multiple occasions, I was lucky enough to have received these two new bars to try thanks to Lawren Askinosie. 

First up is Askinosie’s 61% Tanzania Dark Chocolate + Avocado & Rosemary Bar, for which  Askinosie has partnered with Heath Ceramics to create.  Rosemary is one of those ingredients that can easily overpower other flavors, however, Askinosie did a great job balancing the flavors in this bar!

Askinosie Dark Chocolate + Avocado & Rosemary Pic by Victoria Cooksey

Color: Dark brown.

Nose: Anise, mint and candied rosemary.

Texture: Good snap with a smooth full-bodied mouthfeel.

Tastes: Rosemary, anise, mint, avocado and subtle grape. 

Finish: Rosemary and black pepper in the long finish. 

Next up is Askinosie’s brand new Peppermint Dark Chocolate bar made with peppermint oil and organic cardamom with Askinosie’s Mababu, Tanzania dark chocolate.  Featured on the front of the packaging is their lead Tanzanian farmer partner, Mama Mpoki with her husband and children. 

When I was growing up there was always a box of mint melt away bonbons around in December. That, plus my need for peppermint mochas in November and December causes me to associate peppermint and chocolate with the holiday season.  Having said that, I also could see the cooling peppermint of this bar being very pleasurable in the summer too. 

Per Shawn Askinosie, Founder and CEO of Askinosie Chocolate: “Chocolate and mint is one of my favorite combinations. This is a bar I’ve wanted to create since the beginning“. 

Askinosie’s Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar Photo Provided by Askinosie 

Color: Medium brown.

Nose: Peppermint, cardamom, mint chocolate cookie and black pepper.

Texture: Great snap with a smooth medium-bodied mouthfeel.


Askinosie Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar Photo by Victoria Cooksey

Tastes: Peppermint, cardamom, fennel,  molasses and a wink of dark fruits. 

Finish: Cool, refreshing peppermint and gingerbread notes in a long finish.

Thank you Lawren Askinosie for these bars!  

To learn more about Shawn Askinosie check out my Part 1 & 2 interviews with him on this blog and a different 2 part interview with Shawn for Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine in the June and July 2018 issues. 

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