Raaka Chocolate Single and Double Fermented Chocolate Bars Review First Nibs

As subscriber to Raaka’s First Nibs (Raaka Virgin Chocolate is a craft chocolate maker located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York) I particularly love the August selection of First Nibs educational aspect for featuring both a single and a double fermented cacao bar, made from unroasted Zorzal Cacao, Dominican Republic, with each bar at the 75% mark. 

Raaka’s August First Nibs Single & Double Fermented Cacao Bars

Single Fermented Cacao 

This first bar is a 75% single fermented cacao from Zorzal Cacao, Dominican Republic and undergoes 7 days of natural fermentation. 

Color: Dark Brown.

Nose: Sugar syrup, grape, spice, cinnamon and subtle rum.

Raaka Single Fermented Cacao Zorzal Cacao, D.R.

Texture: Good snap, light bodied, juicy mouth-feel to start and then tannins toward the end. 

Taste: Plums, dark fruit, spice, nutty, light roast coffee and mild stone fruit acidity.

Finish: Medium-length (around 10 minutes) finish with cocoa notes and tannins. 

Double Fermented Cacao

This 2nd bar is a 75% doubled fermented cacao Zorzal Cacao, Dominican Republic made from the same organic beans but undergoes a second controlled natural fermentation. 

Color: Medium-brown with a hint of red.

Nose: Increased spice presence in the nose of this one. Cinnamon and brown sugar.

Raaka’s Double Fermented 75% Zorzal Cacao, D.R.

Texture: Not quite as much of a pronounced snap as the single-fermented bar, a medium bodied texture with a juicy mouth-feel. 

Taste: Blueberries and blackberries to start, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and mild anise.

Finish: Medium-length (around 10 minutes) with some honey notes coming through. 

When I compare the two bars I find the single fermented bar to be sweeter, and less depth of flavor in the sweetness with more stone fruit acidity presence and tannins.  While less sweet, the double fermented bar has more of a deep brown sugar note and the spice flavors are much more pronounced. 

Have you tried these bars? What differences or similarities did you notice? 

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