Willie’s Cacao 8 Different Chocolate Bar Reviews

In March of 2018 Willie’s Cacao (a bean-to-bar chocolate maker located in the U.K.) held a live Facebook tasting event featuring eight of their chocolate bars.  I was not able to attend this event, however, my chocolate pal Patricia Baker of the blog Eating the Chocolate Alphabet kindly sent me a piece from each bar to try.  

My tasting notes are based off of having two bites from each bar and not having watched the tasting video.  If you have watched it, or if you have had these bars, please comment below what tasting notes you perceived.  

Willie’s Cacao El Blanco Venezuelan 00 White Chocolate

Color: Eggnog-like.

Nose: Crème anglaise.

Texture: Medium-bodied, smooth. 

Taste: Egg custard, cream.

Finish: Hint of peach in the short/medium finish. 

Willie’s Cacao Milk of the Gods 44 Rio Caribe Venezuela

Color: Light/medium brown.

Nose: Green olive, caramel.

Texture: Light-bodied.

Taste: Cream, chocolate mousse, light brown sugar, subtle brine and hot cocoa.

Finish: Short/medium finish with light caramel notes.

Willie’s Cacao Milk of the Stars 54 Surabaya Indonesia 

Color: Medium brown.

Nose: Honey, cardamom and turmeric. 

Texture: Medium-bodied.  

Taste: Cocoa powder, hot cocoa and chocolate pudding. 

Finish: Short/medium.

Willie’s Cacao Chulucanas Gold 70 Single Estate Peru 

Color: Dark brown.

Nose: Dark fruit, dark brown sugar and spice.

Texture: Medium-bodied.

Taste: Black fruit, earthy and leather.

Finish: Short/medium.

Wlllie’s Cacao Sambirano Gold 71 Single Estate Madagascar 

Color: Medium/dark brown.

Nose: Minerality, dark fruit, dark cherry and cardamom. 

Texture: Medium-bodied with some chalkiness.

Taste: Marshmallow, dark fruit, dark cherry and cocoa powder.

Finish: Short/medium.

Willie’s Cacao Rio Caribe Gold 72 Single Estate Venezuela 

Color: Medium brown.

Nose: Dark fruit, black raspberry (more earthy than red raspberries), grape,  and spices.

Texture: Medium-bodied.

Taste: Cocoa, earthy, marshmallow and dark fruit.

Finish: Medium length finish with brownie notes. 

Willie’s Cacao Las Trincheras Gold 72 Single Estate Venezuela

Color: Dark brown.

Nose: Black currant, black pepper and spice.

Texture: Light-bodied.

Taste: Earthy, cocoa, floral and brownie.

Finish: Medium finish of floral, molasses, brownie and dark stone fruit. 

Willie’s Cacao Pure 100% Gold Sur del Lago Venezuela

 Color: Dark brown.

Nose: Black fruit, black plum, prune and brown sugar.

Texture: Full-bodied.

Taste: Cocoa, tobacco and green wood.

Finish:  Medium-length. 

Length of finish meaning from my own tasting scale:

Short = 5 minutes or of flavors lingering after the last bite.

Short/medium = 5 to 10 minutes.

Medium = 10 minutes.

Medium/long = 10 – 15 minutes.

Long finish = 20+ minutes before all flavors vanish.

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