Original Beans Cusco Chuncho 100% Dark Chocolate Bar Review

Original Beans Cusco Chuncho, Mighty Dark Cacao, Sacred Cusco Valley, Peru is now one of my favorite 100% dark chocolate bars! (This bar is organic and vegan). 

Original Beans 100% Cusco Chuncho Bar

Color:  Medium/dark brown semi-gloss bar with some shine.

Nose:  Red fruit, floral, drinking chocolate, fruity nibs, cocoa and chocolate shortbread.

Texture:  The texture of this bar is about as smooth as bars get with a full-bodied mouth feel and velvety texture.

Original Beans 100% Cusco Chuncho Dark Chocolate Bar

Taste:  This bar starts off with floral notes and red fruit acidity which then fades and becomes more blackberry and earthy with some tannins present which mellows and becomes more cocoa notes.

Finish:  Medium length (around 10 minutes) finish with cocoa and some floral notes remaining. 

What’s your favorite 100% bar? 

Original Beans:



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