Map Chocolate Who Wants Pie Review

Map Chocolate Who Wants Pie?

Recently Map Chocolate made one hundred 6 bar sets of special Map bars to raise funds for getting new molds and they have now arrived!  Map Chocolate fans will note these bars have a different wrapper than normal.  Per Map’s IG account: “The temporary packaging was inspired by shops that cover their windows while they’re re-doing the interior”.  

Part of the collection is a Who Wants Pie two-bar set that includes a Kaffir Lime Pie Bar and a Panela Graham Crust Bar. These may be eaten apart or together in a mix-and-match pie combo. 

Map Chocolate Panela Graham Crust Bar & Kaffir Lime Pie Bar

The Panela Graham Crust Bar ingredients include: gluten free oats, palm oil, golden syrup, tapioca starch, baking soda and salt.

Nose: Oats, butter and brown sugar.

Texture: Great snap, buttery and just a little bit of a graham cracker crust-like chew.

Tastes: Graham cracker crust, buttery, golden syrup, brown butter and oats.   

Map Chocolate Kaffir Lime Pie Bar

Ingredients in the Kaffir Lime Bar are:  Organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic gluten-free oats, kaffir lime leaves, powdered lime juice and organic panela (un-refined whole cane sugar).

Nose: Lime, kaffir lime, key lime and lime zest.

Texture: Great snap, super smooth, buttery and a juicy mouth feel.

Tastes: Kaffir lime, Meyer lemon, sweetness and freshly squeezed lime juice. 

When combined together these two bars genuinely taste like a lime pie!  The finish length is short/medium (5 to 10 minutes). 

I find myself dreaming about a third bar in a meringue or whipped cream-like style as a topper!  I’m also wishing for a s’more set or a mix-and-match option with various filling flavors.  Yum!

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