How to read craft chocolate bar labels/wrappers video

Hey there!  If you are new to the craft chocolate world check out my brand new video to learn more about what the information on chocolate bar labels/wrappers mean.  

Let me know if you found this video helpful and what chocolate topics you would like to know more about in the comments section.


Map Chocolate Who Wants Pie Review

Map Chocolate Who Wants Pie?

Recently Map Chocolate made one hundred 6 bar sets of special Map bars to raise funds for getting new molds and they have now arrived!  Map Chocolate fans will note these bars have a different wrapper than normal.  Per Map’s IG account: “The temporary packaging was inspired by shops that cover their windows while they’re re-doing the interior”.  

Part of the collection is a Who Wants Pie two-bar set that includes a Kaffir Lime Pie Bar and a Panela Graham Crust Bar. These may be eaten apart or together in a mix-and-match pie combo.  Continue reading “Map Chocolate Who Wants Pie Review”