Dormouse Chocolates Kablon Farms Experimental Harvest Chocolate Bars Review


Dormouse Chocolates Experimental Harvest Bars

Recently Dormouse Chocolates conducted an experiment of making two special chocolate bars: one from reddish-brown cacao pods only and a separate one with beans from yellow pods only, with the assistance of Kablon Farms in South Cotabato in the Philippines.  Kablon Farms kept the reddish-brown and yellow pods separated and Dormouse Chocolates conducted the same roast, recipe and time of conching for each bar to see if there was a difference in taste with bars made with beans from different colored pods.  Will there be? Let’s find out!

Dormouse Chocolates

The two chocolate bars come with this cute bag to carry them in.

Both bars are listed as 72% dark chocolate from the 2017 harvest with a conch time of 48 hours.

Dormouse Chocolates Yellow Pod Bar

Yellow Pod

Color: This bar is a medium brown color with purple and subtle red coloring as well.

Nose: Grape, stone fruit, ruby red grapefruit, citrus, green apple and floral.

Texture:  Great snap followed by a medium-bodied mouth-feel.

Tastes: (I have listed these in the order I tasted them). Butter, cream, light honey, lychee, subtle grape and oak.

Finish:  Jasmine, light brown sugar and orange blossom notes show up toward the end of a medium finish (in my system medium finish length is 10 minutes).

Dormouse Chocolates Red Pod Bar

Red Pod

Color: Medium brown with red color more present then the purple this time but still very similar in color as the yellow pod bar.

Nose: Grape sweetness, jasmine, black plum and jammy.

Texture: Great snap with a lighter-bodied mouth-feel and a touch drying.

Taste:  (Again, flavors listed in the order I tasted them). While this one also has a buttery note to start it’s of a much shorter duration, with earthy, Brazil nut, some astringency, oak, and subtle balsamic.

Finish: Towards the end notes of soft cocoa and tobacco arrive with a touch of sweetness surfacing along with floral, jasmine, light brown sugar notes with some astringency still present in a medium-long finish (which denotes 10 to 15 minutes in my system).

I hope you get a chance to order and try these bars.  A fun experiment!  Let me know what flavors you get if you try them!  Will you be #teamyellowpod or #teamredpod ???

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