Chocolate Naive Nano_Lot Finca La Rioja Mexico Review

Chocolate Naive’s Nano_Lot collection made in Lithuania features a new chocolate bar every two months.  Each bar is limited so if you see one be sure to get it!

What does it take to become a Chocolate Naive Nano_Lot bar?  To quote Domantas Užpalis when I recently interviewed him: “Scarcity, flavour and background.  I wanted to create the product that constantly evolves and tells a story or two”.

Nano_Lot Finca La Rioja Mexico Pic in Port Townsend, WA

What makes this particular Nano_Lot even extra special is that it’s not one bar, it’s actually two mini-bars.  While both bars are made from cacao from Finca La Rioja farm in Cacahoatan, Chiapas, Mexico, each bar is from a different harvest time.  According to the the bar’s packaging “Cacahoatan means “Place of Cacao” in the ancient Toltec language”.

Back of the Nano_Lot Box on a Snowy Day 

Finca La Rioja Mexico Bar #1:

Color: Light/medium reddish brown.

Nose: Milk chocolate, caramel, grape, red currant, cherry, rum, butter and floral notes.

Contents of the Finca La Rioja Nano_Lot 

Texture: Good snap with a light bodied texture.

Taste: Jasmine, lychee and white peach.

Finish: Medium length finish (in the 5+ minutes range) with some buttered rum notes towards the end.

Finca La Rioja Bar #2:

Color:  Medium brown (just a touch darker then the first bar).

Nose: Caramel, brown sugar, dark honey and a little red fruit (a more subtle nose then bar #1).

Finca La Rioja Bar #1 and Bar #2

Texture: Medium bodied (a little softer snap then bar #1).

Taste: Mango, tropical fruit, pear, subtle lychee and honey.

Finish: Short (around 5 minutes).

Have you tried any of Chocolate Naive’s Nano_Lot?  Which bar has been your favorite so far?

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