Zotter Chocolate Labooko Vintage 2016 Dry Aged 75% Dark Chocolate Bar Review

In celebration of Zotter’s 30th anniversary they introduced this Vintage 2016 dry-aged dark chocolate bar which is described on their web site as “a superior cuvée made of dry-aged fine flavour cocoa, which we have aged for a year in order to mature its aroma. It is a blend of 5 fine cocoa varieties from 4 different countries, and of course the legendary Criollo is part of the mix”.

Zotter’s Labooko Vintage 2016

Color:  Medium/dark brown.

Nose:  Cocoa, red fruit, yellow plum, gooseberry, light brown sugar and biscuit.  

Texture:  Great snap, buttery, medium-bodied mouthfeel with a smooth texture.

Zotter’s Labooko Vintage 2016 Dry Aged 75%

Taste:  Cocoa, mild toast, butterscotch, oak, and fudgy.

Finish:  Medium finish with notes of brownie and light citrus mandarin orange acidity

Over all I loved the texture and taste of this bar and this is one I wish I had purchased two of! (I bought this in November 2017 at the NW Chocolate Festival.  Zotter always has tons of samples at their booth there).

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