Sirene Chocolate 100% Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania & Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador Craft Chocolate Bar Review

Sirene Chocolate is a craft chocolate maker located in Victoria, B.C.,  that makes bean-to-bar bars with direct trade chocolate.

Their Pure Cacao Pur set features two 100% bars so you can compare Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania and Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador in one sitting.  The bars are labeled in an easy to tell one bar from the other, in both written word and by the color of each bar’s foil wrapper (gold and silver).

Sirene Pure Cacao Pur 

100% Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador Bar (Silver Foil):

Color:  Dark brown.

Nose:  Earthy, cocoa.

100% Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bar

Texture:  Smooth texture with a good snap.

Taste:  Oak, earthy, black tea, light asparagus, cocoa and vanilla.

Finish:  Medium length finish with oak, vanilla and mild tannins.

100% Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania Bar (Gold Foil):

Color:  Medium brown.

Nose:  Light grape, caramel, light brown sugar.

100% Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania Bar

Texture:  Good snap with a smooth texture.

Sirene’s Kokoa Kamili and Costa Esmeraldas 100% Bars

Taste:  Raisin, red currant, oak, coffee.

Finish:  Medium/long finish length with cranberry acidity.

Kokoa Kamili and Costa Esmeraldas 100% Bars by Sirene

Which one will be your favorite?

Sirene Chocolate:

Victoria Cooksey:

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