Dark Matter’s Craft Chocolate Holiday Gift Guide 2017

What’s that sound?  Oh, yes…the fast pace sound of the holidays approaching!  No worries!  Dark Matters has you covered with some craft chocolate holiday gift ideas.

Chocolate Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the way to go if you are unsure which bars a person has already tried, to introduce someone to the world of craft chocolate, or to give the gift that continues delivering throughout the year.  I tend to look for ones that feature their newest collections or subscription only limited edition bars.  Here are some of the ones I love:

Map Chocolate’s Quarterly Subscription box delivers 4 bars from the newest collection four times a year.   Dormouse Chocolate’s offers 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions that feature one limited edition bar a month.  Endorfin Food’s monthly 3 bar subscription box, that features one bar from their current line, plus two made-only-for-subscribers (Endorfin Foods also carries larger subscription boxes too).

Pic of Dormouse Chocolates and Map Chocolate Subscription Boxes

Craft Chocolate Books

If you aren’t eating chocolate (though you still could while enjoying these) take some time to read about chocolate! Some of my favorites (3 of which were published this year and also make great quick last minute gifts if you happen to have Amazon Prime) include Chocolate Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic by Dom Ramsey, Making Chocolate: From Bean to Bar to S’more by Dandelion Chocolate, Meaningful Work: A Quest to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul by Shawn and Lawren Askinosie, and Bean-to-Bar Chocolate:  America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution by Megan Giller.

What pairs well with craft chocolate?  Books on chocolate!

Rare Craft Chocolate

Chocolate Naive recently introduced their Nano_Lot Collection which features  bars made from rare high quality cacao. These are limited edition bars (once they are gone, they are gone) which ups the chance that the person you gift them to hasn’t tried them yet.  (You can also check for these bars on Cacao Review’s online store which often carries these bars along with other bars by Chocolate Naive.  I have a particular weakness for Naive’s Peanut Butter, Super Dark, and Ambrosia bars).

Chocolate Naive’s newest Nano_Lot Bar 

Limited-Release Chocolate Collection

For the Craft Chocolate lover that you think has everything I recommend Cacao Review’s Underground Chocolate Club Collection #1 because chances are they haven’t had this!  Each maker featured in this collection only made 200 of each bar.

All the craft chocolate included in Cacao Review’s Underground Chocolate Club Collection #1 

Craft Chocolate

There are so many chocolate makers and bars that I love that it would be a bit lengthy to add them all here.  I’ve forced myself to narrow it down to five to list as examples.  I’ve tried several items by these makers and they are always consistently high quality.  (Check out my IG page for craft chocolate reviews on additional makers too).

Solstice Chocolate:  https://www.solsticechocolate.com/

Durci Chocolate:  https://www.instagram.com/durcichocolate/?hl=en

Askinosie Chocolate:  https://www.askinosie.com/

Dick Taylor:  https://dicktaylorchocolate.com/

Violet Sky Chocolate: https://www.instagram.com/violetskychocolate/?hl=en

Ok.  Just one more.  🙂 A bar that really captured many a chocolate reviewer’s heart this year is the Turmeric of a Goat Thing white chocolate bar by WKND Chocolate.

How to Taste Chocolate

Now that you have chocolate and books to read what about being able to pick out all the tasting notes in the bars?  Hazel Lee’s Taste with Colour Flavour Map is a great place to start and she offers international shipping.

Hazel Lee Taste with Colour Workshop at the NW Chocolate Festival

Rare Gifts

Need something extra rare?  Check out Projet Chocolat’s rare finds online section for items like antique chocolate tongs and chocolate boxes.

Sophia Rea of Projet Chocolat 

Personalized Gifts

I recently received a personalized box of chocolates from Bella Sophia Chocolates.   A nice added touch!  Contact Bella Sophia Chocolates for more information.

Personalized Box of Chocolates from Bella Sophia Chocolates 

Bella Sophia Chocolates

Hope this post gives you some ideas to finish off (or start) your holiday shopping!  Enjoy and may you all also receive some delicious craft chocolate goodies too!

Victoria Cooksey



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