Violet Sky Chocolate: Pierce The Veil Dark Chocolate Bar Review

Violet Sky Chocolate is a bean-to-bar maker located in South Bend, IN.  I’ve had some of their bars in the past, so I was especially happy to see them at last weekend’s NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA so I could buy some more!

I love Violet Sky Chocolate wrappers but one in particular really caught my eye.  Their Pierce The Veil bar has this lovely shimmery wrapper with the label actually on the back of the bar.

Violet Sky Chocolate Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil is a 77% dark chocolate bar made from a blend of Guatemala beans (Polochic/Chimelb) with ginger root, rose petals and lime leaf.

Violet Sky Chocolate’s Pierce The Veil

Color:  Medium brown with lots of lime green, rose reds and ginger showing on the back of the bar.

Nose:  Kaffir lime leaves, floral, both candy-like sweetness and savory notes, pepper, spice.

Front view of Violet Sky Chocolate’s Pierce The Veil 

Texture:  Smooth chocolate meets a varied texture from the inclusions.

Inclusions on the back of Violet Sky Chocolate’s Pierce The Veil

Tastes:  Ginger, red pepper, lime, floral, cracker and some almost jerky or bacon like savory notes briefly (none added).

Finish:  A touch bitter and astringent in the lengthy finish but in a good way with  ginger and lime notes lingering the longest.

I personally really love the wrapper and the name of this one!  What is your favorite Violet Sky Bar?

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