Chocolate Naive Nano_Lot Collection: Elizabeth Agudelo & Nicalizo Special Reviews

I’ve been a fan a Chocolate Naive for quite some time now and have enjoyed watching, and tasting, the progression of taking what started as good bars and overtime experiencing Chocolate Naive elevating their craft chocolate to even higher levels of great taste.

Chocolate Naive is a craft chocolate maker in Lithuania.  I’ve tried several of their bars before these particular ones in the Nano_Lot collection, and have even more bars I’ve purchased that are now in my collection to post reviews on soon, so I was especially excited when Chocolate Naive’s founder Domantas Uzpalis sent me these two bars from his new collection.

Nano_Lot Chocolate bars are made in very limited amounts from unique, high quality cocoa with emphasis on education and continued exploration into the world of rare, high quality chocolate.   I hope my reviews on these bars also help inspire you to continually seek out more bean-to-bar chocolate and add to your tasting palate.

Nano_Lot Elizabeth Agudelo: 

Per the inner card of information the cocoa beans used in this bar are listed as  “FTA, a clone selected by Colombian Cacao Federation”.  This bar is made of the first yield  from four year old cacao trees from a section of Villa Gabi that was renewed by  Elizabeth Agudelo with “experimental clones selected from the old hybrids”.

Chocolate Naive Nano-Lot Elizabeth Agudelo Pic Taken at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA

Color:  Medium brown.

Nose:  Blackberry, black currant, and latte.

Each Nano_Lot Includes an Inner Insert of Additional Information

Texture:  Good snap, silky, smooth medium-bodied texture.

Tastes:  Very light tobacco, medium-ripe strawberries, light tannins, a sensation on the tongue as if having just had popping candy or a bubbly beverage, black fruit and drinking chocolate.

Finish:  Medium-long finish with some stone fruit/white peach at the very end.

Chocolate Naive Nano_Lot Elizabeth Agudelo Bar

Nano_Lot Nicalizo Special:

According to the inner card information this bar is crafted from “Trinitario-Acriollado variety mainly originating from the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua”.   This Nano_Lot bar batch was made from the last “60 kg of this very special lot that was supervised and preserved by mad cocoa fermentation scientist Zoi Papalexandratou, Ph.D in mid-2015s”.

Chocolate Naive Nano_Lot Nicalizo Special Pic Taken at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA

Color:  Medium-brown with some red notes.

Nose:  Cherry, raw almond, honey, cola, cinnamon.

Nano_Lot Nicalizo Special 

Texture:  Very smooth spot on texture with a medium-bodied mouth feel.

Tastes:  Cocoa powder, floral, dark plums, dark honey, a bit like rich milk chocolate, a little oak and chocolate-covered cherry.

Finish:  Long finish with cocoa through the end.

Have you tried Chocolate Naive?  What is your favorite Chocolate Naive bar?

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