Potomac Chocolate San Martin Peru 65% Dark Milk Bar Review

Craft chocolate maker Potomac Chocolate is located in Woodbridge, VA.  Potomac currently has a Kickstarter campaign running now through the end of Sept 2017 (Potomac Chocolate Kickstarter campaign).

I recently picked up Potomac’s San Martin Peru 65% Dark Milk chocolate bar at The Chocolate Project in Victoria, B.C.

Color:  Medium/dark brown.

Nose:  Sweet, floral, orange blossom, apricot and oak.

Potomac Chocolate San Martin Peru Bar Pic Taken in Victoria, B.C.

Texture:  Good snap, medium/full bodied mouth feel.

Tastes:  Peach, apricot, oak, some tannins, blackberries, and dark grape.

Finish:  Medium finish with peach notes turning into apricot and oak at the end.

Potomac Chocolate San Martin 65% Dark Milk Bar

Potomac Chocolate:



Victoria Cooksey:


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