Dick Taylor Solomon Islands Exclusive Release 2 Review

Last year I purchased the 1st Dick Taylor Solomon Islands Exclusive Release bar at the NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA.  This year it’s back and I was able to order it on Dick Taylor’s website.  I got bar #01024 of this 72% dark chocolate bar made with cacao from the island of Paspaskato.  The cacao is grown there by Kenny Patovaki. This particular bar is made from his winning cacao from the Solomon Island Chocolate Week.

Dick Talyor Solomon Islands Exclusive Release Bar pic taken at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA

Color:  Medium/dark brown.

Nose:  Cocoa powder, stone fruit, light hint of peach, and latte.

Texture:  Great snap with a medium/full bodied mouthfeel.

Dick Taylor Solomon Islands Bar

Taste:  Bright acidity, cocoa powder, coffee, light stone fruit notes, chicory, and mild tannins.

Finish:  A long finish with some bay nut turning into plain popcorn, and then a touch of stone fruit again right at the end.

Have you tried this bar yet?

Last year I got apricot notes in this bar, but not this time.  Check out my review of last year’s Solomon Islands bar to compare the differences in flavor:


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