The Grenada Chocolate Company 72% Organic Dark Chocolate Salty-licious Review

The Grenada Chocolate Company makes their 71% organic dark chocolate Salty-Licious bar from tree to bar with Grenadian Trinitario beans and Caribbean sea salt.

The Grenada Chocolate Company Salty-licious bar Pic taken at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA

Color:  Medium/dark brown with salt crystals visible on the back of the bar.

Nose:  Minerality/salt, bittersweet chocolate.

The Grenada Chocolate Company Salty-licious Bar

Texture:  This bar has a very rewarding snap/texture to it.  When chewed there is a medium/full bodied mouthfeel.

The Caribbean salt crystals on the back of the Salty-licious bar

Tastes:  Salt, cocoa powder, red fruit, saltine cracker, and slate.

Finish:  Medium/long finish.  A very satisfying bar with cracker and cocoa powder notes present until the end.

I purchased this bar at The Chocolate Project in Victoria, B.C.

What’s your favorite craft chocolate bar with salt in it?

The Grenada Chocolate Company:

Victoria Cooksey:

Watch my craft chocolate review videos here:


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