Interview with Cecilia Tessieri, Founder of Amedei

In 1998 the first officially labeled Amedei bars became available and since then just looking at Amedei’s packaging evokes feelings of luxury. Those who know anything about bean-to-bar chocolate list multiple Amedei bars such as Porcelana, Chuao, and Amedei 9, and more in their tasting repertoire. Today’s interview is with Amedei’s founder Cecilia Tessieri, maitre chocolatier.  So sit back, imagine yourself in Italy, taste a piece of Amedei chocolate, and enjoy the read:

Cecilia Tessieri Founder of Amedei

Victoria Cooksey:  What is your first memory involving chocolate?

Cecilia Tessieri:  My first memory involving chocolate is when I was child and I ate an extra dark chocolate Easter Egg.

V.C.:  Beyond being a pleasure to eat, what does chocolate mean to you?

C.T.:  The chocolate is knowledge, astonishment and emotion. It is a pleasure moment for the palate and my absolute priority is to create the best quality of chocolate for my clients.

V.C.:  What inspired you to begin your own work with chocolate?

C.T.:  Some different things inspire me. The first is the raw materials. When I started I didn’t know a lot regard the raw materials but later they were becoming a great source of inspiration for me. It’s incredible how the chocolate flavour could change due to the origin of the cocoa beans and it’s amazing to discover all time new shades of flavours and a new perfect blend of them. The second thing is the passion, the love and the dedication that the chocolate artisans use in their job. These emotions inspire me and I always want to amaze my clients with my chocolate.

V.C.:  In your experience, how is chocolate viewed differently around the world?

C.T.:  In some countries the chocolate is seen as a healthy food to eat every day, in other countries it is a gift to share, in others it is a personal gift to be granted.


V.C.:  As a woman, what has been your biggest challenge working in the chocolate industry?

C.T.:  The biggest challenge was to show to men that the passion, the ability and the desire to realize their projects compare men and women in the same way.

V.C.:  How important is it to know the source of cacao used to make Amedei?

C.T.:  Amedei is an Italian artisanal chocolate boutique having full control over its entire production process, you can’t do a good chocolate without a great cocoa beans. Every different cocoa bean need a different production that allow to elevate their unique aroma and taste.

V.C.:  What’s the most important thing you would want consumers to know about Amedei?

C.T.:  Research for perfection: nothing less, always more, beyond compare. This spirit continues to motivate Amedei day after day as it has since being founded more than 20 years ago. It all begins with the selection of cocoa beans on the company’s plantations and on those have been “rediscovered”. The process continues with the creative refinement of recipes and the final work is carried out in the laboratory, measuring and working skilfully by hand with few ingredients of the finest quality: cocoa beans, cane sugar, the best milk and fruit. Is that it? Yes, that’s it: no additives, nothing artificial. Just skill honed by long years of study and the inventiveness of people dedicated to their mission: to make the world a little sweeter, one bar at a time.

V.C.:  How do you personally define the term “fine chocolate“?

C.T.:  The fine chocolate is for me a chocolate with only a few ingredients. All our items have a very simple ingredient: cocoa mass and cocoa butter, cane sugar and vanilla. When you use a very high quality of cocoa bean you don’t’ need to use nothing more. You can recognize the quality of Amedei chocolate from the first taste.

V.C.:  What’s next for Amedei?

C.T.:  The future is full of different challenge for Amedei but the biggest one is to not disappoint the expectations of customers who already know us and, for those who haven’t yet discoveAmedeithe challenge is to publicize our chocolate culture and encourage them to enjoy it.

Thank you so much to Cecilia Tessieri for taking them time for this interview, and a special thank you to Alice Tesi for all your assistance facilitating this interview.


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