Damson Chocolate Vietnam Dark Chocolate Bar Reviews of 70%, 74%, & 80%

Today’s chocolate bar reviews feature three of Damson Chocolate’s Vietnamese dark chocolate bars.  Damson Chocolate is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker located in London, England. Today’s chocolate review post  includes Damson’s 70% Lam Dong, 74% Tien Giang, and 80% Dak Lak dark chocolate bars.   Side-by-side tasting from bars made from cacao from a single country with different percentages, is a great way to learn about chocolate and figure out what your favorite tasting notes are.   Learning never tasted so good!

Damson Chocolate Vietnam Bars pic taken in Port Townsend, WA

Damson’s 70% Vietnam Lam Dong bar:

Color:  Medium brown with a touch of red.

Nose:  Floral, creamed honey, red fruit and a bit of clove.

Texture:  Good snap, light bodied, and a juicy mouth feel when chewed.

Taste:  Buttery, red bruit, light honey, all spice, and peach.

Finish:  Medium finish with a touch of nutmeg and raisin at the very end.

Damson’s 74% Vietnam 74% Tien Giang bar:  

Color:  Medium brown.

Nose:  Cinnamon, lightly floral, herbal, and some cafe au lait.

Texture:  Good snap, light/medium bodied, and juicy mouth feel when chewed.

Taste:  Cinnamon, some stone fruit, and light golden berries.

Finish:  Short/medium finish with some coffee notes present at the end.

 Damson Chocolate’s 70%, 74%, 80% Vietnam Bars

Damson’s 80% Vietnam Dak Lak bar:

Color:  Medium/dark brown.

Nose:  Light floral and red fruit notes.

Texture:  Best snap of the three bars, medium bodied mouth feel, not as juicy of a sensation when chewed when compared to the other two bars.

Taste:  Honey, golden berries, and some herbal notes.

Finish:  Short/medium finish with herbal notes and light raisin at the end.

Note:  I purchased the 74% and 80% bars through orders on Damson’s website, and Damson added the 70% to one of my orders.

Hungry for more?  Read my interview post with Dom Ramsey of Damson Chocolate:  https://darkmatterschocolatereviews.com/2017/06/09/interview-dom-ramsey-founder-chocolate-maker-damson-chocolate/

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