Cacao Prieto 72% Organic Criollo Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate Bar Review

Cacao Prieto craft chocolate was founded by Daniel Prieto Preston. The Prieto family owns Coralina Farms in the Dominican Republic, where all the organic cacao comes from to make Cacao Prieto bars.  Even the organic sugar they use comes from the Dominican Republic.  Their bean-to-bar chocolate is made in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, where they also make cacao-based liqueurs and rums.

The bar I tried is their original 72% Criollo Dominican organic dark chocolate bar made from single-origin Dominican Republic Criollo cacao and organic raw cane sugar.

Cacao Prieto 72% Domincan bar pic taken at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA

Color:  Dark brown.

Nose:  Semi-sweet chocolate, rum barrel, vanilla (no actual vanilla in this bar), and oak barrel.

72% Original Criollo Dominican dark chocolate Cacao Prieto bar

Texture:  Good snap, very smooth and creamy.

Tastes:  Oak, raspberry acidity, dark rum, persimmon.

Finish:  A finish of around 30 minutes with mild tannins, golden berry, dried mango, and cacao nibs.

I’m pretty sure I will get even more flavors as I try this bar again because it’s so complex!  Very nice!

What’s your favorite single origin bar right now?

Cacao Prieto:

Victoria Cooksey:


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