Hummingbird Chocolate Hispaniola Dominican Republic Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar Review

Hummingbird Chocolate is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker located in Ontario, Canada.  This particular bar is their Hispaniola Single Origin, Dominican Republic Cacao 70% dark chocolate bar.

Hummingbird Chocolate Hispaniola Chocolate Bar Pic Taken in Victoria, B.C.

Check out the list of awards this bar has won:

GOLDEN BEAN Academy of Chocolate 2016 World, GOLD Academy of Chocolate 2016 World, GOLD International Chocolate Awards 2015 Canadian, SILVER International Chocolate Awards 2015 World, SILVER International Chocolate Awards 2015 Americas, BRONZE International Chocolate Awards 2014 Americas, and SILVER International Chocolate Awards 2014 Canadian.

Color:  Dark brown.

Nose:  Cherry, touch of tobacco,  and plums.

Texture:  Medium bodied texture that initially gives juicy sensations in the mouth, and then ends with a slightly drying sensation.

Letterpress Chocolate Hispaniola Dark Chocolate Bar

Taste:  Stone fruit acidity, cherry, plums, and a small amount of tobacco.

Finish:  Notes of raisin at the end of a very long finish lasting around 20 minutes.

I purchased this bar at The Chocolate Project in Victoria, B.C.  Hummingbird Chocolate also has an online store.  I highly recommend trying this bar if you are able to find it!

Hummingbird Chocolate:

The Chocolate Project:

Victoria Cooksey:

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