Letterpress Chocolate UCAYALI Private Reserve 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Review

I was at The Chocolate Project in Victoria, British Colombia last weekend where I picked up this Letterpress Chocolate UCAYALI Private Reserve 70% dark chocolate bar that lists batch 1 on the back.

Letterpress Chocolate is a small batch craft chocolate maker founded in 2014 that is located in Los Angeles, CA.  They also happen to be the first bean-to-bar maker established there.  (I first tried Letterpress Chocolate thanks to a chocolate bar swap with My Year in Chocolate).

This particular bar is made from Ucayali River Cacao located in Peru.

Congrats to Letterpress Chocolate for this bar winning gold for packaging design in the 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards!

Color:  Medium/dark brown.

Nose:  A subtle, delicate nose of graham cracker, red fruit, and faint orange soda.


Pic of Letterpress Chocolate’s UCAUALI bar in Victoria, B.C.

Texture:  Excellent temper snap, medium-bodied mouth feel with a very smooth texture.

Tastes:  Oak, butter, cocoa powder, and light herbal notes.

Letterpress Chocolate UCAUALI Private Reserve Batch 1.

Finish:  Some acidity builds at the end, with notes of gooseberry followed by raisin, tapering into a long finish.

A delicate bar with subtle flavor notes that change throughout the tasting experience.  Well done!!

This is another example of how chocolate can connect so many people and places with this particular cacao being grown in Peru, made into chocolate in Los Angeles, I find it in Canada, and now I’m enjoying it here in Port Townsend, WA. Love it!

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  1. And I enjoy reading your description, sitting here Spain and I also love the way chocolate unites people allí over the world.

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