Map Chocolate The Secret Garden Review

The Secret Garden is a chocolate bar from the May subscription box by Map Chocolate.  This dark chocolate bar is 70% Belize with dried Oregon plums, and cardamom.

Pic of Map Chocolate The Secret Garden taken at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA

Color:  Medium brown, and then turn it over to see the dried plums.

Nose:  Cardamom, white pepper, floral, lavender, and white sugar.

Texture:  Smooth chocolate meets the texture of the dried plums.

The Secret Garden with dried Oregon plums and cardamom.

Tastes:  Cardamom, mild citrus acidity, black pepper, occasional hits of sweetness from the plums, purple grapes, and a touch of almond.

Finish:  Medium/long with cardamom at the end.

Want to know what a guy thinks of this bar?  To quote my husband “One of the most complicated bars I’ve tasted.  The plums are gorgeous.  Multi-layered as only the best wines can be”.

The best way I can describe this bar is that it’s like quiet meditation reflected in a chocolate bar.

What’s your favorite inclusion bar?

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