Soma Chocolatemaker Black Science Camino Verde 70% Nacional from Ecuador Chocolate Bar

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Sometimes a gal just has to finish off a chocolate bar for lunch, and that’s exactly what I did today.  I had one piece left of this Black Science Camino Verde 70% Nacional from Ecuador bar, and I followed it up with a latte chaser.  Now that’s my kind of a lunch!

Special attention is paid to the fermentation process of this Nacional bean.

Color:  Medium/Dark.

Nose:  Slightly herbaceous, a little floral, hot chocolate marshmallow smell.

Texture:  Smooth.

Taste:  A tiny bit tannic, zero fruit, hint of balsamic vinegar, dark roast coffee. (Note: The first time I tasted this I got lots of bark notes, but now I really get the coffee coming through instead.  I think it’s really important to try pieces of a bar on 3 different occasions to really get the whole picture).

Finish:  Medium length of finish with a touch of sweetness.

Since this bar has some coffee tasting notes it really works well with a latte, cup of medium/dark roast coffee, or a shot of espresso.   Enjoy!

Victoria Cooksey

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