Omnom Chocolate Reykjavik Iceland Madagascar 66% Chocolate Bar Review

Note:  This review post first appeared in my original Blogspot site on 7-1-16.  I’ve tried four different bars so far by Omnom and I highly recommend them!

Just tried this Omnom Chocolate Madagascar 66% bar today.  It’s actually made in Reykjavik, Iceland.   First, I love the packaging design, very cool! Second, it taste amazing too!

Color:  Light brown. One of the lightest in color I’ve had for awhile.

Nose:  Hint of sweetness, mild hint of hot chocolate scent.

Texture:  More soft then crisp, smooth, creamy, but light-bodied.

Taste:  I got about a 1/2 second of smoke with the first taste but then that disappeared, and I never noticed it again. Tons of raspberries, both a fresh flavor, and a Chambord liqueur taste.  A bit of cherry at the end.

Finish:  Short finish with light acidity, and a bit of chocolate mousse at the end.

Overall, an interesting experience, and I’m definitely planning to purchase their other types of bars in the future.

The more I try fine chocolate bars, the more I crave chocolate!  How about you?  Do you eat chocolate everyday?

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