Map Chocolate Co Nightswimming Dark/Milk, and I Dream of Fiji Dark Chocolate Bar Reviews

Note:  This review first appeared on my original Blogspot site on 2-24-27.

Map Chocolate Co is a craft chocolate, bean to bar maker located in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon. Map also happens to be one of my favorite chocolate makers! Yes, I am a Mapoholic!!

 Map Chocolate’s I Dream of Fiji 78% Dark Chocolate Bar

Color:  Dark brown.

Nose:  White honey, soft nose, lavender.

Texture:  Thicker bar, medium-bodied, smooth.

Taste:  Floral, white honey, purple plum, coffee, spice.

Finish:  Medium

Even though this Fiji bar is 78%, it is very easy to eat, and I highly recommend it as a great introduction for those wanting to try a higher percentage bar.  No bitterness.  No worries.

Map Chocolate’s Nightswimming 60% Belize Dark/Milk Chocolate Bar

I love dark/milk bars.  This one has some unique flavors too!

Color:  Light/medium brown with a touch of red.

Nose:  Chocolate covered caramel bonbon, coffee.

Texture:  Very smooth.

Taste:  Condensed milk (but not the sweetness), hint of acidity, brown sugar, tomato, BBQ, coriander.

Finish:  Hint of clementine in a medium finish.

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