Firefly Chocolate Bay Nut Bar & Marou’s Cashew Nut Praline Dark Chocolate Bar Reviews

Note:  This post was first published in my original Blogspot site on 1-13-17.

This week I’m bringing you 2 chocolate reviews for the price of 1 (which is basically free, as usual). I purchased both the Firefly & Marou bars at the NW Chocolate Festival last Nov.  Hard to believe that was last year already!!

First up is Firefly Chocolate Bay Nut Bar made with cocoa beans from Belize. Bay nuts are indigenous to California, and Firefly harvests wild ones for this bar.  These bars are made in California as well.

Color:  Dark Brown.

Nose:  Roasted nuts, & sesame seeds.

Texture:  Melts quickly, smooth.

I took this pic of Firefly Chocolate here in Port Townsend, WA

Taste:  Un-roasted pine nuts, chicory, espresso with 1 sugar added, endive, & amaretto.

Finish:  Medium length finish.

Something that’s cool with Firefly is that the ingredient percentage, and ingredient origin is listed on the bars as well.

Firefly Chocolate at the NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle with ingredient % listed

Next up is Marou’s Cashew Nut Praline 65% Dark Chocolate Bar.  All of Marou’s chocolate bars are made in Vietnam from Vietnamese cocoa beans.

Color:  Medium brown.

Nose:  Red fruit, cocoa powder, & graham cracker.

 I took this pic of Marou here in Port Townsend, WA

Texture:  Smooth chocolate with a crunchy, almost brittle like interior.

Pic of the filling in Marou’s Cashew Nut Praline Bar

Taste:  Un-roasted cashews, raw sugar, & toasty.

Finish:  Medium finish with some sweetness, and caramelized sugar at the end.

For an extra chocolate fix watch my YouTube video reviewing both these bars:

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