Dormouse Chocolates 55% Columbia Arauca Milk Chocolate Bar Review

Dormouse chocolates is a bean to bar chocolate maker located in Manchester in the U.K.  I recently ordered this bar from their online store.  It’s listed as made from a mix of criollo, and trinitario beans, batch 076, and with a conch time of 48 hours.  (The higher the quality the beans, the less conching time is needed, and it let’s the real flavors shine through too).

Pic of Dormouse Chocolates taken in Port Townsend, WA

Color:  Light/medium brown with a touch or red.

Nose:  Condensed milk.

Texture:  Good snap, smooth.

Taste:  Brown butter, light caramel, dried black currants, and sea salt.

Finish:  Medium finish, rich, not to sweet.

I actually just placed an order for their 6 month subscription, so I can’t wait to see which bar shows up first.  Congrats to Dormouse Chocolates for being my first chocolate subscription!

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