Dick Taylor Solomon Islands Exclusive Release Dark Chocolate Bar Review

I hope you were among the lucky ones to score this Dick Taylor Solomon Islands Exclusive Release dark chocolate bar last weekend at the NW Chocolate Festival.  When purchasing an exclusive release, or limited edition bar, I’m always hopeful the bar will live up to my expectations, and this one definitely delivers!

Basically, to improve the fine chocolate industry in the Solomon Islands they had a contest with over 80 entries, and this bar is made form the winning cocoa beans. The beans are from Elsie Vota’s farm on the island of Guadalcanal.  Dick Taylor only had 25 kilos of these bean in which to make this bar, hence the exclusive release.

Color:  Dark brown.

Nose:  Apricot, honey suckle.

Texture:  Insanely snappy, so a wonderful temper! Starts of light, and then transitions into a medium-bodied mouth feel.

Tastes:  Minerality/slate, cocoa powder, red fruit, brown butter, dried mango, and a touch of cayenne pepper heat at the end.

Finish:  Very long with the dried mango, and cayenne lingering the longest.

Check out my YouTube review video of this bar:

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate:



NW Chocolate Festival:


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Note:  This post appeared on my original Blogspot site on 11-19/16.

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