Askinosie Chocolate 1,098 Line Dirty White Chocolate Vintage Cocoa Gravel Review

The pouch this bar comes in is made by Trappist Monks (the order was founded in 1098, so 1,098 bars), the cocoa butter is from the Philippines, and is from the first pressing (which gives it the “dirty” white), the cocoa nibs are aged for two years, and covered in chocolate (the nibs, and chocolate are from Tanzania).  And this bar has goat’s milk in it. Talk about complex!

#517 of 1,098 Dirty White Chocolate Vintage Cocoa Gravel by Askinosie Chocolate

Color:  A latte like color from first pressed cocoa butter, and then chocolate covered cocoa nibs on the flip side.

Pic of Dirty White Chocolate Bar

Nose:  Milk chocolate, delicate, mild nose.

Texture:  Smooth meets the crunch of the chocolate covered cocoa nibs.

Vintage Cocoa Gravel

Taste:  Minimal sweetness, rice, green tea, floral, brie cheese, cream, cereal.  When I took a bite of just the cocoa nib “gravel” the nibs had a touch of saltiness.

 Finish:  Short/Medium.

Given that this was a limited edition bar I hope you got one, or know someone who did, and likes to share!  Let me know what you think if you have tried one.

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Note:  This review first appeared in my original Blogspot site on 2-21-17.

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