Amedei 9 Dark Chocolate Bar Review with Victoria Cooksey

So often it’s all about single-origin bars, and I do enjoy them immensely, but I think bars of mixed beans are also worth trying.  This Amedei 9 Bar is a combination of cacao from 9 different plantations, and is so well balanced.

Color:  Medium/dark brown.

Nose:  Dark chocolate pudding, cocoa powder, vanilla.

Texture:  Very silky.

Taste:  Mild acidity, red fruit, vanilla, dark chocolate brownie batter.

Finish:  Medium

This is definitely the bar I’d recommended when needing a major chocolate fix.  It’s like the ultimate brownie in chocolate bar form.

What’s your favorite bar by Amedei?


Victoria Cooksey:

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Note:  This review appeared first on my original Blogspot site on 12-16-16.

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