Amano Chuao Village Venezuela Signature Edition 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Review

This review was first published in my original Blogspot site on 8-1-16.

Criollo cacao beans are rare, and Chuao is an even more rare version of Criollo that comes from the plantation of Chuao in Venezuela.  It is limited in quantity, so often makers will do limited edition, or signature, bars of it.  Part of the cost of these types of bars is the fact that they are made from very rare beans, and often these rare beans are more susceptible to damage from insects, fungus, etc, which make them harder to grow.  Only a couple percent of all chocolate bars are made from rare cacao beans.

I recently focused on a Chuao chocolate bar tasting, however, I find the Chuao bars seemed to taste better when tasted just one in a sitting, instead of four of them in a tasting.  In a group many of the bars almost had a musty taste, but when sampled again alone on other days they really shined.

Amano Chuao Village 70% Dark Chocolate Signature Edition bar:

Color:  Medium brown.

Nose:  Light nose, touch of raisin, floral.

Texture:  Chew a bit before it melts, smooth, creamy.

Taste:  Floral, orange citrus, dutch cocoa powder, touch of acidity, cream.

Finish:  Medium finish with mild citrus acidity, and a hint of oak at the end.

I’ve had four different bars so far made with Chuao.  Have you tried any?  Would you try one?  What are your thoughts?

Amano Chocolate:

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