Beau Cacao 72% 2014 Serian Malaysia Dark Chocolate Bar Review

This 72% 2014 Serian Malaysia dark chocolate bar is the 2nd bar I’ve had by the London, England based craft chocolate maker Beau Cacao.  This particular bar is #302 out of just 3,800 bars that will be made from the 2014 harvest.

Beau Cacao was founded by Bo San Cheung, and Thomas Delcour, and currently features two bars made from Malaysian cacao.

Beau Cacao 2014 Serian Malaysia Dark Chocolate Bar with Deception Pass Bridge (Washington State) in the Background

Color:  Medium/dark brown.

Nose:  Red fruit, saltine cracker, all spice, and cookie.

Texture:  Perfect temper snap, medium-bodied mouth feel. (The texture of Beau Cacao’s bars are about as good as it gets when compared to all the craft chocolate bars I’ve tried so far).

Taste:  Smoke, toasted marshmallow (but not sweet), oak, all spice, English breakfast tea.

Finish:  Long finish with tea style tannin notes.

Beau Cacao:

Victoria Cooksey:

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