Chocolate Tree Whisky Nibs Dark Chocolate Bar Review

I’ve been wanting to try Chocolate Tree’s Whisky Nibs 69% dark chocolate bar since last year, and I’m happy to report I’ve not been disappointed.

Chocolate Tree is a bean to bar maker located in Scotland.  To quote from their website Our mission is to create fine flavour chocolate whilst protecting biodiversity and rewarding farmers with a true premium for their crops of heritage cacao varieties. We purchase cacao from farms in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Madagascar”. 

For this bar they take cacao nibs from South America, and then soak them in premium single malt whisky from Islay.  What I love about this bar is that the true whisky flavor is present.  Bars I’ve had using liquor by other makers often use the liquor in a sweet filling of sorts, but this comes through as if you had a glass of whisky in your hands.  Well done!

Pic of Chocolate Tree’s Whisky Nibs chocolate bar taken here in Port Townsend, WA

This bar arrived as part of a chocolate perk package “Three good things” I ordered from Chocolate Tree’s Indiegogo campaign.  This perk also included some of the best chocolate bonbons I’ve had in a long time (only 4 pieces left, I will miss them!), and a single-origin hot chocolate made with cacao from Peru.  Very tasty.  (I also order the “liquid chocolate” perk, so soon I will have even more of their drinking chocolates to try).

Chocolate Tree’s Whisky Nibs (International Chocolate Awards British silver winner 2016):

Color:  Medium brown.

Nose:  Peat, oak, smoke.

Texture:  Smooth chocolate with a nice crunch from the nibs.

The Whisky Nib bar is actually 2 individually wrapped bars in 1 package.

Taste:  Peat, charred oak, smoke, cigar, toasted bread.  Very complex.

Finish:  Long finish.

As of today (4-2117) Chocolate Tree has 17 days left on their Indiegogo campaign to build a new chocolate factory at:  This campaign is a great way to try their chocolate that really isn’t available in the US yet.

Hope to see Chocolate Tree at the next NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA!

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