Raaka 1st Nibs Subscription May 2018 Chocolate Bar Reviews

Raaka Virgin Chocolate is a craft chocolate maker located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York.  Each month their 1st Nibs Subscription features seasonal and creative micro-batch chocolate bars.  

The May 2018 selection involved brunch themed bars including French Toast and Turmeric Latte bars. 

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Dark Matters Craft Chocolate Awards 2017

I can’t believe another amazing craft chocolate tasting year has past!  That means it’s time for the 2nd annual Dark Matters Craft Chocolate Awards.

I have only included bars I have purchased myself.  I’m also only including bars that I tried in 2017, so some of these bars might be new creations and some may be part of a maker’s permanent collection.

Full reviews of the winning bars are available on this blog or on my IG account.

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