Greetings!  I’m Victoria Cooksey and my love for all things chocolate lead me to pursue getting chocolate certifications which include Certificates of Achievement in Chocolate Technique & Mastering Chocolate Flavor from Ecole Chocolat.

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Five days a week I start off with a cup of craft drinking chocolate to get me through the day, and then have a coffee, or latte on the other two days. (I occasionally switch it up with a cup of Criobru instead).  I often NEED a bite of dark chocolate mid-morning, or mid-afternoon to keep me going, and then I taste test, or re-taste, at least one craft chocolate bar daily to make my tasting notes.

Living in the Pacific Northwest lends ease in finding outdoor background shots for my craft chocolate bar review pics.  I love picking out new shots!

I also do the occasional bit of consulting work in which a craft chocolate maker sends me a new chocolate bar or other chocolate item experiment in which I respond by giving private feedback on taste, texture, and so forth.

Each year I attend the NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA, so be sure to say “Hi!” to me there if you see me!

Domantas Uzpalis of Chocolate Naive NW Chocolate Festival 2017

Lauren Heineck of WKND &  Chocolate Well Tempered podcast and Mackenzie Rivers of Map Chocolate NW Chocolate Festival 2017

Shawn Askinosie of Askinosie Chocolate NW Chocolate Festival 2017

The Chocolate Journalist, Sharon Terenzi & Victoria Cooksey at the NW Chocolate Festival Seattle, WA 2016

Victoria Cooksey & Hazel Lee at the NW Chocolate Festival Seattle, WA 2016